Video: Steve Duenes and Matthew Ericson

Memorable Imagery and Visualization

Filmed on October 12, 2013, at “Head, Heart, Hand: AIGA Design Conference

About this video

Compelling images—rooted in data and reporting—can be as evocative as they are informative. Great data visualization in the context of journalism is like a well-written story, full of rich details gracefully woven together as a vivid explanation or narrative. The images can vary, but the ones that create understanding are those that readers remember, like hundreds of fastballs pitched at once, a low flight over the Cascade Mountains, the whirl of a conductor’s arms or dozens of possible paths to the White House. Memorable images are created from data by design, a crucial but sometimes overlooked component of visualization. Steve Duenes and Matthew Ericson will demonstrate why it’s so central.

Speaker bio

Steve Duenes, associate managing editor at The New York Times, has been with the company since 2004. The graphics department is comprised of 30 journalists and designers who research, design and develop the interactive maps, data visualizations and motion graphics for The New York Times’ digital platforms and printed newspaper. The department is in a state of constant motion, responding to breaking news or continuing stories in addition to contributing to editing efforts on long-term projects. The team played a major role in developing last year’s multimedia story, “Snow Fall,” and they continue to lead integrated, multimedia stories around the newsroom. Duenes has also been a contributor at the New Yorker and a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Matthew Ericson is the deputy graphics director at The New York Times, where he helps oversee a department of journalists, artists, cartographers and programmers who produce interactive information graphics for, as well as graphics for the printed newspaper. Ericson joined The Times in 2003 as the national graphics editor; he has produced graphics on a variety of topics, including the Iraq War, three presidential elections and dozens of breaking news stories. The department has received numerous national and international awards for its visual work in helping readers understand the news, including a 2009 Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Award for Communication Design. Before arriving at The Times, Ericson was a graphic artist and website editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has drawn maps for a number of books, including Black Hawk Down and Where Men Win Glory.