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This new online design certification program is open to design practitioners at every level who are committed to expanding their careers and the profession in all design modalities, including but not limited to graphic design, visual communications, interactive and web design, and UI/UX.

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AIGA Eye on Design Editors' Picks

David Jon Walker Headshot

Educator David Jon Walker on Transitioning Between Communities Without Losing a Sense of Self

Walker talks about his path into design, his experiences in both an all-Black school and primarily White institutions, and the Nashville design scene. Image by Beatrice Sala.

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Kathleen Sleboda Headshot

Designer, Educator + Publisher Kathleen Sleboda on Online Archives and Plural Narratives

Kathleen Sleboda’s work traverses disciplines, often involving acts of making, curating, collaborating, and documenting. "There’s a pervasive sense that everything is online but in fact, the internet is quite unstable." Image by Beatrice Sala. Photograph by Christopher Sleboda.

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Forest Young Headshot

Creative Director and Teacher Forest Young on Designing a More Inclusive Future

"There is an urgent need for guardrails to ensure that future design isn’t framed by a privileged perspective." Forest Young on defying the constraints of the past, breaking away from settler-colonial mindsets, and how he works to constantly call into question even his own design practice. Image by Beatrice Sala.

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