Design Future Live with Michael Arndt

Michael Arndt

Join host Lee-Sean Huang for Design Future Live, an interview show about how the design industry is changing as a discipline and opportunities this creates for the design community. In this episode, we will be talking with Michael Arndt about his upcoming book, Snails & Monkey Tails A Visual Guide to Punctuation & Symbols. This interview was originally livestreamed on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Order Snails & Monkey Tails from Amazon or wherever you get books.

Michael Arndt is an award-winning graphic designer and author and illustrator of several books including Cat Says Meow and other animalopoeia, My Heart Grows, Minimal New York City: Graphic, Gritty, and Witty, One Yellow Sun, Thoughts Are Air, and rAinbowZ. His love of language and typography inspired this book. Michael lives in New York City with his dog Clooney and his cat Greta. In his spare time, he can be found online correcting other people’s punctuation.