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Explore a selection of our online collections and discover the rich history of American communication design. These visual and educational collections help showcase the value of design in the community. Click through each collection to better understand the impact design can have on your world.

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AIGA Design Archives

AIGA Design Archives represents the quality of work being created, as well as shifting aesthetics and sensibilities of the designers of the day. This rich online resource features more than 20,000 selections from AIGA’s design competitions dating back to 1924, as well as special collections of historic works from major American design firms and practitioners.

View the work and learn more about the collections, including selections that are housed at the Denver Art Museum, at

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Curated Series

Curated Series

A selection of online collections exploring the history of design and the profession.

AIGA Archives


Celebrate Design

100 Year’s of Design is a visual history of communication design, including advertising, identities, print design, typography, packaging, information design, environmental design, editorial design, and interaction design. Narratives focused on the impacts of design encourage users to consider the role of design in their own lives. Instead of a history based on periods or styles, the result is a collaborative tribute comprising personal stories about making, experiencing, and appreciating design.

AIGA Eye on Design


Design History 101

Design History 101 is a collection of articles exploring the people, places, and objects that have impacted the design profession and our daily lives. Read the insightful words by AIGA Eye on Design editors, writers, and cultural commentators.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Beyond the Bauhaus

Beyond the Bauhaus is a series that attempts to widen the canon of design education by highlighting design contributions from underrepresented cultural and social groups. Read the essays authored by members of the AIGA Design Educators Community (DEC).

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Hispanic Heritage Talks 2020

Curated by AIGA Unidos, a multi-chapter collaboration, this collection highlights Hispanic and Latinx creatives sharing their stories and work. Listen to conversations with creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Documenting the Shifting Aesthetics and Sensibilities of the Design Community for More Than a Century

AIGA’s archives and special collections identify, preserve, and make available works of enduring value. Your support makes it possible to increase access to resources, support research, and elevate the diverse and impactful stories of design and designers.