Design Future Now with Studio HMVD

Heather-Mariah Dixon & Abigail Kerns

Design Future Now with Studio HMVD on navigating appropriation and reuse of creative work with integrity

In this special edition of Design Future Now, host Lee-Sean Huang has a conversation with Studio HMVD partners Heather-Mariah Dixon and Abigail Kerns about their branding and content production studio, creative appropriation, navigating permissions and licensing for creative content, and more.

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Links to professionals mentioned in the show:

  1. Ro & Co studio

  2. Noemie Le Coz

  3. Leandro Assis

  4. Verena Michelitsch 

  5. Tyler Mitchell

  6. Vocal Type (Tré Seals)

  7. Jon Henry

  8. Party of One Studio

  9. Samendinger Law (Studio HMVD's lawyer)