Archana Shekara: One Designer, One Work

Archana Shekara

Designing Pauses for Self-Reflection: Understanding oneself to understand, appreciate and respect the other. This virtual series features one designer showcasing a work that is personally meaningful. We'll hear what inspires, challenges and guides them. Expose yourself to new material by exploring with our guest, Archana Shekara. Archana will speak about cultural identity, cross-cultural awareness, cultural appropriation, and marginalization, as well as what inspired her to take up her research.

Archana Shekara is a Professor of Graphic Design, Co-Director of Ethnic Studies, and Creative Director of Design Streak Studio, a research based social innovation lab at Illinois State University. 

Shekara uses design as a tool to build cross-cultural understanding, acceptance, and respect. As a socio-cultural researcher, she has been investigating transnational identity by understanding racism through a brown lens and shares awareness through ethnographic narratives. 

Her research interests in design pedagogy include cultural identity and heritage, multiculturalism, racial equity, social justice, and community engagement.