Info Session - Learning How to Learn: Get Unstuck as a Professional Design Researcher

Danny Spitzberg and Humphrey Obuobi

Do you feel stuck in design research? Whether we work for corporate clients or with community-based organizations, our professional practice is uniquely constrained by project budgets, NDAs, and hustle culture. So, even with sincere inspiration from community-engaged work, thought leadership only comes in slogans like “nothing about us without us” or “design with, not for” but no real opportunities for critical reflection. How do we break this cycle and build institutions for learning, growth, and support?

Danny Spitzberg and Humphrey Obuobi, design researchers based in the San Francisco Bay Area, want to help designers build a habit of consistent, collective reflection. To do this, they're hosting an experiential learning workshop for you to examine past projects, develop and apply lessons, and build genuine relationships to improve our professional practice. Participants will “learn how to learn” outside the classroom, and create shared commitments for how the whole profession can evolve to better serve our clients and communities sustainably.

Learn more about the design research workshop.