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Members of AIGA are invited to join one of our 60+ dynamic local chapters. From the snowy slopes of Alaska to the sandy shores of Miami, we’ve got an opportunity for you to connect with designers in your area.

AIGA Chapters, the Local Heartbeat of AIGA

We serve AIGA members through more than 70 chapters across the United States. Being an AIGA member affiliated with a chapter is a great way to support programming, networking and mentorship in your local design community. AIGA chapters offer a breadth of offerings including networking, programming, leadership training, local conferences, podcasts, among many other programs.

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Mentorship Programs for Every Career Level

AIGA Chapters across the United States host mentorship programs for all levels. Whether you are a student looking to break into the industry, or a seasoned designer looking for a new path, explore all of the opportunities available.

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“When I graduated from college, I entered into the job market at a time when UX design was a buzzword and there seemed to be a million jobs out there. I graduated with a mixed skillset including coding and design, and I wasn't sure where to apply my skills, or even what to look for in a job. That's where AIGA DC saved me. I found my local AIGA chapter and started attending events, meeting people, joined the SHINE Mentorship Program, and that was absolutely revolutionary for my growth as a young professional and designer. Since then, I've met the most incredible people through AIGA and it is a place that I look to for inspiration, collaboration, and the future of design. I'm honored to now serve on the Board of Directors for AIGA DC as a way to give back to this organization and community that has shaped my own growth, and I hope to empower young designers in the same way AIGA empowered me.”

Radhika Bhatt, AIGA DC

Civic Technologist and Human Centered Designer