Design Future Live with Beat Baudenbacher

Beat Baudenbacher

Join Lee-Sean Huang, AIGA's Director of Design Content and Learning for a livestream with Beat Kaspar Badenbacher, Chief Creative Officer of loyalkaspar and author of the book, Somewhere Yes: The Search for Belonging in a World Shaped by Branding.

Beat is known for designing the brand identities for Peacock, Paramount+, MTV, ESPN, Comedy Central, and many more over the entertainment and media space. The book is about how the tools of branding, which naturally bring people together, have been weaponized by our culture around ideals and causes that have put us on a dystopian trajectory... and they may be the same tools to help us recover from that trajectory. The book also isn’t walls of text either, or a dissertation on branding, it’s a visual exploration, blanketed with illustrations, photography, symbols, and design—inspired by the graphic sensibilities of Marshall McLuhan (The Medium is the Massage) and Paul Arden (It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be).