Special Podcast: More mentorship, please! But what does that mean?

AIGA NY + 12 expert design practitioners and educators

“Mentorship” is one one of those warm fuzzy words. We know we want it. We know it’s a good thing. But what exactly does mentorship mean, and how do we make it work for our own unique needs? How can we be more effective mentors and mentees?

We explore these questions in this special edition of the AIGA Design Podcast, where we revisit the voices of experts who have spoken to our community over the last few years. We also do a deep dive into AIGA NY’s Mentorship Program to understand what it takes to structure and sustain meaningful professional relationships.

This episode was produced and hosted by Lee-Sean Huang, director of design content and learning. Additional production assistance by Tanvi Bihani. Special thanks to Stacey Panousopoulos.

Here are all of the guest voices you will hear on the show (in order of first appearance):

  • Julia Lamm, PwC
  • Meaghan Dee, AIGA DEC / Virginia Tech
  • Gaby Hernández, AIGA DEC and DEI / University of Arkansas
  • Art Taylor, BBB Wise Giving Alliance
  • Jane Kim, AIGA NY / Salesforce
  • Caspar Lam, AIGA NY / Synoptic Office
  • Janine Toro, AIGA NY / Instrument
  • Michael Bierut, AIGA Medalist / Pentagram
  • Kaleena Sales, AIGA DEC / Tennessee State University,
  • Neeta Verma, University of Notre Dame
  • Pek Pongpaet, Impekable
  • Robert Smith, Think Smith
  • Andy Budd, design founder and advisor
  • David Asari, AIGA SF / California College of the Arts
  • Ram Castillo, designer, author, advisor

Read the episode transcript here