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We help designers navigate the complexity of leading a design team, running a creative department, or owning a design studio. Through volunteer leadership opportunities, resources, and webinars, we can help you become a successful design leader.

AIGA Professional Certification - Design Leader

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Ascend to the next level in your career with the AIGA Professional Design Leader Certification. This new certification gives you the knowledge, tools, and credentials to achieve personal career growth as a design leader.

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Leadership Challenges for Designers

Challenges in design leadership are complex and unique to the design industry. According to the AIGA Design Point of View Research Initiative, the key challenges experienced while leading designers are: 

  • Design solutions / Creating stronger concepts;

  • Attention to detail;

  • Time management;

  • Productivity management; and 

  • Aligning the team around a vision.

Through programs, initiatives, and learning, we empower designers to tackle these leadership challenges.

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AIGA Certificate for Creatives

We asked, you told us—professional development and lifelong learning are critical for design professionals and to advance the profession

Leadership in Action: AIGA Fireside Chats

Fireside Chat

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Listen, learn, and be inspired. Join us for a series of talks with industry leaders helping to innovate and design the future.

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Kayo Roehm, Chief Design Officer, 3M

Kayo Roehm,


"I believe our future is held by the relationship between design and data."


Dantley Davis, Chief Design Officer, Twitter

Dantley Davis, Twitter

"What excites me most about the future of design...the early career designers who are getting their sea legs. They have so much energy and are connected to culture and community."


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Ben Williams, R/GA

“Design allows us to carve the future that we want. Design can be that glimmer of hope. We can design systems that work better and for more people.”


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Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders

The Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders curriculum presented by Yale School of Management is designed to equip creative leaders to meet the challenges of management and to give participants the skills and perspectives they need to reach the next levels in their careers.

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Design Leadership

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Today, as the country elects a new leader, consider the role of design leaders, too. Farson urges designers to see the world as CEOs do.

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Whitepaper: Resilient Organizations

This paper is intended to inform design professionals and educators of processes and concepts addressed by successful design practices.

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