Design Leadership: Developing a Roadmap

Sara Pasch, Rica Rosario & Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel

Design Leadership:

Developing a Roadmap In this panel discussion we’ll hear from three creative leaders on their experiences working with clients, internal and external stakeholders, to getting buy-in, establish a plan, and execute their ideas.

Topics of Discussion:

Framing opportunity: Using research and data to identify pain points and create opportunities for innovation.

Collaborative Problem Solving: Design Thinking as a tool for team alignment and creating investment in the vision of the project.

Group Dynamics: Managing varying personalities while keeping the team focused on the project.

Project management: Tools and resources for managing the process, staying on target, and keeping the team engaged.

Defining outcomes/Measuring success Moderator: Jennifer Marin Jericho, Brand Manager & Creative, Jericho Vinegar Works

Panelists: Sara Pasch, Managing Director of Bluecadet Rica Rosario, Design Lead, Deloitte Digital Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel, Assistant Provost, Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University