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Design for Democracy

Design for Democracy is based on the premise that good design makes your choices clear. Join us in 2022 to help get out the vote in your community for crucial midterm elections.

GOTV posters designed by AIGA members are available for printing and public distribution by all.

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About AIGA Design for Democracy

Starting in 1998, AIGA’s oldest initiative has the mission to apply design tools and thinking to increase civic participation. By making interactions between the U.S. government and its citizens more understandable, efficient, and trustworthy, designers become more vocal citizens and make democracy more sound.

In 2022, we continue to advocate for civic engagement through voter education, registration, and access. We turn design skills and aspirations into tangible actions that can make a difference.

Important Dates for 2022 Midterm Elections

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Poster Gallery

Join AIGA Design for Democracy, Nonprofit Vote and the League of Women Voters to get out the vote for this year’s midterm elections. Submit your poster to our Creative Commons gallery and help educate and promote participation in shaping who represents us in the governor's office and our state and national legislatures.

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“Civic engagement is part of the heart of design. Making information, especially voter information, accessible and understandable strengthens and enhances our democracy”

Bennie F. Johnson

AIGA Executive Director


Be Inspired by 2020 Get out the Vote Poster Galleries

AIGA has activated its community of designers across the U.S. and beyond to Get Out the Vote every four years since 2000. The campaign is part of Design for Democracy, an AIGA initiative to increase civic participation through design. In addition to voting, we invite AIGA members to inspire citizens to participate in the 2020 Census and to learn more about mail-in voting.

Get inspired to participate by viewing 2020’s designs.

View 2020 GOTV Poster Gallery View 2020 Empowering the Women's Vote Gallery
GOTV 2020 Gallery Images


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