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Career Success for Creative Introverts

Career Success for Creative Introverts

This new course from AIGA and Janice Chaka, an international HR professional, virtual business owner, introvert coach, and professional podcaster, can help you maximize your introvert strengths. Listening to ourselves to better understand and know what we need to succeed and thrive is important. Our mindset is an incredible asset that needs to be nurtured. This is especially true for creatives that identify as introverted and want to find a way to harness their skills and energy to set goals and boundaries, and create impact while maintaining a life balance.

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AIGA Design Point of View

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The Design Point of View (POV) Research Initiative provides a deep understanding of design and the people who engage with it to reveal the underlying challenges of the profession, guide future impact, and influence policy and decision making.

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Being a member of AIGA has given me access to educational resources for my professional development and business opportunities...it's opened the door to meaningful relationships with a diverse group of dedicated people with whom I'm proud to be in community with.

John Hornsby

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