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The AIGA Design Educators Community maintains a Facebook group that connects design educators from around the world.

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Design Teaching Resource

The AIGA Design Teaching Resource is a peer-populated platform for educators to share assignments, teaching materials, outcomes, and project reflections.

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The Design Process

High School Curriculum

This curriculum was created specifically for high school art teachers who wish to incorporate graphic design in art classes and help students understand what graphic design is and how to use it. It focuses on the similarities between art and graphic design, and reinforces the common foundation of technique, materials, and craft. 

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What They Don't Teach You in Design School

As the sun sets on your college career and you look out across the horizon, you see something just over there. It’s… your future! But how do you reach it? The road may be long, the terrain unsteady, but never fear—this zine has everything you need to venture forth with confidence and pluck.

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