Chapter Advisory Council

About the Chapter Advisory Council

The Chapter Advisory Council (CAC) is made up of seven recent AIGA chapter board leaders. Each council member is assigned to a region of the country and is responsible for the chapters in their assigned region. Working closely with AIGA’s chapter development team, and the current and incoming presidents council chairs, the chapter advisory council acts as a resource to and support for chapter board members. They offer guidance on chapter issues from direct experience, have a wealth of institutional knowledge, and deal with the same/similar in their professional practice. Any AIGA chapter board leader can contact their Chapter Advisory Council member for advice.

The Chapter Advisory Council serves several functions:

  • Provides immediate “on the ground”-level support and counsel to chapter leaders, in conjunction with the current and incoming presidents council chairs and the director of chapter development.
  • Is an ongoing source of information about chapter successes for current and incoming presidents council chairs, director of chapter development and AIGA staff.
  • Is an ongoing source of information about challenges chapters are facing for current and incoming presidents council chairs, director of chapter development and AIGA staff.
  • Serves as another conduit to and from chapters and the national office to ensure relevant information is reaching appropriate people on both ends.
  • Facilitates connections between chapters.
  • Is the institutionalization of an advisory function within the ranks of past board members.
  • Reengages/continues to engage strong, motivated past board members who still want to be involved in AIGA and have knowledge and experience to share.
  • Attends the leadership retreat in order to stay informed and as an opportunity to meet chapter boards in person.
  • Serve as a conduit between chapter leaders and their National Board Liaisons.

The presidents council chair is the liaison between chapters and the AIGA board of directors. The designee serves as incoming chair for one year before filling the position. The presidents council chair is a voting position on the AIGA national board of directors.

Meet the CAC

Presidents Council Chair

 Jenny Price, AIGA Minnesota 
Jenny is a designer, strategist, and program director. She currently is a design facilitation leader and mentor, guiding higher education teams through discussions and strategies for enhancing community engagement and experiences. Jenny is President Emeritus of AIGA Minnesota and currently serves as Presidents Council Chair of AIGA, advocating for the betterment of design profession.

Incoming Presidents Council Chair

 Gage Mitchell, AIGA Seattle 
Gage is a design studio owner/principal, creative director, and strategist living in both Seattle (business hedquarters) and Raleigh (wife and dog). Through AIGA and his professional practice he is constantly pursuing his passion for demonstrating the power of design to make a positive impact on the world. Gage is President Emeritus of AIGA Seattle and currently serves as the Incoming Presidents Council Chair of AIGA and on the Design for Good and Living Principles National Task Force.

Chapter Advisory Council

 Jess Moore, CAC region 1
Jess is a designer, artist and educator somewhere in the Rocky Mountain West. AIGA Colorado  President Emeritus, serving as president from 2015-2017, and still advising the board in her Emeritus role, she fell in love with the mountains and has gone mobile with art making living in her travel trailer named Sylvia. She loves seeing growth from emerging designers not just in their applying design, but in contributing to the larger community. She firmly believes in the wider AIGA family, from her start as a designer on the east coast being a member of AIGA Baltimore in her formative years. Jess is looking forward to expanding that family to the west coast as Region 1 CAC representative.

 Sarah Miller, CAC region 2
Sarah is a designer and educator in Upstate New York. She is President Emeritus of AIGA Upstate New York, and continues to serve her local chapter as a board advisor. She also serves AIGA nationally as a Chapter Advisory Council member. In addition, Sarah is one of the three founders and organizers of Create Upstate, a celebration of design and community that brings together makers from Buffalo to Albany.

  Joe Schram, CAC region 3 
Joe  is a designer, technologist, product manager, and team lead who works with groups large and small to make or improve their products and services. As a multi-disciplinary polymath, Joe talks to people, tries things out, makes a plan, and leads teams forward toward their shared goals. Joe is President Emeritus of AIGA Raleigh—the organization’s first open chapter—and remains an Advisor to the board, and currently serves as a member of the Chapter Advisory Council for AIGA.

 Jim Ward, CAC region 4
Jim is a creative at Tether, illustrator, and sometimes cartoonist living and working in Portland, Oregon. His experience in collaborating and leading programs, initiatives, and organizational development through AIGA informs his career working with multi-national and local brands alike in print, environmental design, and brand strategy. Jim is President Emeritus of AIGA Jacksonville, and currently serves as a member of the Chapter Advisory Council for AIGA providing direction and mentorship for the empowerment and success of chapter leaders.

 Lauren Dougherty, CAC region 5
Lauren is a designer and strategist living in Philadelphia. She has been an active and dedicated member of the AIGA community for over 15 years. She is President Emeritus of AIGA Philadelphia (2015–2017). In her tenure as President, she helped AIGA Philadelphia build a strong and engaged Board of Directors, reach record membership highs, diversify programming, improve communications and better connect with the city’s greater creative community. 

 Devon Hoernschemeyer, CAC region 6
Devon is an art director/designer with an overactive imagination and outgoing social tendencies. She spends her daylight hours as Senior Designer at the Golf Channel believing her passion and tenacious grit are gifts intended for the service of others. During her tenure as President of AIGA Orlando, Devon led her creative community to increased growth by implementing an open chapter format, improving communications, and streamlining board operations. She continues to stay involved with her local chapter by overseeing their finances while mentoring other chapters as a member of Chapter Advisory Council.

 Lori Patton O'Hara, CAC region 7
Lori is the owner of Design5sixty4, is a design and brand strategist living in Colorado Springs, CO. She is a Navy Veteran, small business owner, professional UI/UX design, photographer and President Emeritus of AIGA New Mexico. AIGA has always been a part of Lori’s design career, as a constant support to her career and in turn supporting others develop their passions. Pursuing her love for design, Lori is excited to support chapters across the nation, covering Region 7 on the Chapter Advisory Council for AIGA.