What do registration fees cover and how are they set?
    The registration fee for participants includes attendance at all conference general session presentations and the opening reception. Continental breakfast and light refreshment breaks will be provided; lunch and dinner are on your own. The fees are set to make the experience both memorable and affordable. Typically the per-person cost of putting on the conference is about three times the registration fee.

    Can we get a discount for group registrations?
    At this time, there are no discounted group rates for the AIGA Design Conference.

    Update August 2022: For the 2022 AIGA Design Conference, AIGA is making group registrations available on a trial basis for groups of four or more. Group registrations are not eligible for further discounts.

    How do you select speakers for the conference?
    When the AIGA Design Conference originated nearly 40 years ago, the gathering was an opportunity to bring together people who were passionate about design to share ideas. Over time we have drawn further afield in seeking speakers who are inspirational, informative, and provocative.

    Each year, the AIGA community helps to curate the program for AIGA’s conference. AIGA invites members, nonmembers, chapter leaders, and other concerned parties to contribute suggestions to program through an open call for topics and speaker recommendations. The affinity session presentations are programmed by a group of curators and leaders from AIGA's communities of interest.

    Except in highly unusual cases, we have not paid speaking fees. We also try to avoid any presentations that will be self-promotional or promote a specific product. Unlike some professional conferences, we do not offer opportunities for presentations that do not fit into the main theme of the conference as determined by the conference chair. This policy is followed in order to be able to manage the experience and value we offer all participants.

    Can I buy a one-day pass to the conference?
    AIGA offers full-conference registration to its events. The experience and the pricing for the conference are based on participants attending the entire conference. Based on experience, we have determined that it is neither economically nor administratively feasible for our small staff to offer partial registrations and to oversee compliance. As such, it would be unfair to those paying full registration to allow those purchasing a partial registration to experience the full conference by violating the intent of a partial registration.

    Update August 2022: For the 2022 AIGA Design Conference, AIGA is making day passes available on a trial basis. One day passes are not eligible for further discounts. The best value for those traveling to attend is the full-conference registration.

    Do you offer any comp registrations?
    We do not offer complimentary registrations to anyone, including board members and chapter leadership. This policy is based on a firm commitment to equity and fairness. We respect our customers who pay for the conference and will not violate their trust.

    Update August 2022: For the 2022 AIGA Design Conference, and through the support of AIGA event speakers, as well as that of its members, AIGA is able to provide professional development credits for individuals in need.

    Is video of speakers from AIGA conferences available?
    To share the content from the conference with a wider audience and allow attendees to relive the experience, AIGA will make every effort to post video of all the main stage presentations on the AIGA website. Additionally, be sure to follow along as AIGA live-tweets all mainstage presentations from our Twitter handle (@AIGAdesign), as well as covers the entire conference in real time on Facebook (/AIGAdesign) and Instagram (@AIGAdesign).

    Update August 2022: AIGA members receive access to video content on the AIGA website after the event provided there are no limitations or restrictions. Video recording packages may become available to the public for a fee.

    Am I eligible for the student rate?
    The student rate is available to AIGA members who identify as students in the AIGA design community. The rate is determined by your current membership status.

    Update August 2022: AIGA student members in good standing are eligible for the student rate. Part of a student group? Don't miss out! Join or renew early to ensure your membership is active well in advance of registration deadlines and volunteer recruitment opportunities. We experience higher-call/email volume during the back-to-school season. Thank you in advance for your patience; we are a small staff and will do our best to process membership applications in the the order they are received.

    Looking for more information, including schedules, professional development credits, volunteer opportunities, group registrations, and policies for COVID-19 or cancellations?
    To get the most up-to date answers for the AIGA Design Conference, visit the page: 2022 Conference Policies and FAQs

    Office hours for support are 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays).

    Please be mindful of these times near deadlines. Emails received after 5:00 p.m. ET and prior to midnight the day of a deadline will be reviewed and resolved the following morning and registrations/refunds will be honored. If contacting AIGA, email is preferred.

    We are a small, but mighty team. We will respond in the order emails are received. Thank you in advance for your patience!

      Where can I learn about AIGA’s annual design competitions?
      Visit the AIGA Campaigns & Competitions page to learn more about this year's design competitions.

      How do I apply to 50 Books | 50 Covers?
      For details, please visit the 50 | 50 FAQs page.

      How do I apply to 365?
      For details, please visit the 365 FAQs page.

      Can I nominates someone for an award?
      For details, please visit AIGA Awards.

      Can I apply for an academic scholarship?
      For details, please visit AIGA Scholarships and read our Application Guide and FAQs page.

        Does AIGA publish a salary survey?
        AIGA no longer publishes a print version of the salary survey. To view the most recent survey results, please visit designsalaries.org. Results from past AIGA Salary Surveys are available on the AIGA website.

        Did you publish a printed version of the AIGA Member Directory this year?
        The online directory of designers is searchable by name, company and geographic location, and is always up-to-date.

        Can I reprint an article from the aiga.org website on another website?
        AIGA encourages the distribution of AIGA-produced web content on other sites, as long as the purposes are in line with our education and advocacy mission. If your intent is non-commercial and educational, you do not need to submit a request. However, make sure to credit the author (if applicable) and include the following information:

        First published by AIGA, the professional association for design. www.aiga.org

        Otherwise, please submit a request in writing explaining what you would like to republish and for what purpose.

        Still have questions about publications? Contact our managing editor.

          AIGA relies on member volunteers to accomplish many activities throughout the year. There are two ways to volunteer with the national organization:

          Volunteer your time
          Each AIGA chapter, as an independently chartered organization, sets its own policies regarding volunteering for local events. AIGA provides guidelines to help shape these chapter policies.

          For larger events run by the national staff of AIGA, such as the biennial design conference, the following guidelines apply:

          • All volunteers must be current AIGA members at the time of the event.
          • First right of refusal is given to volunteers who have successfully served at a national event in the past.
          • The next order preference is given to members of the local AIGA chapter where the event is being held.
          • All other members interested in volunteering for an upcoming event should contact the volunteer coordinator.

          Volunteer your design services
          AIGA's policy is to always provide an honorarium for design projects as compensation. While we realize it is not set at market rates, it recognizes that no design should be expected without compensation. Volunteer designers are usually not required to do work up front for free before a contract or project begins. Each designer knows explicitly beforehand the terms we are able to offer, which is meant as our demonstration that every designer's work has significant value, knowing that there are both monetary and non-monetary considerations in any project.

          Conferences & Events

          AIGA works with designers and firms to create promotional materials including posters, event programs, event web sites, etc. Designers typically send us a portfolio of their past work, then have the opportunity to review a design brief and accept or decline the project. At that time, a contract is executed with a commitment to an honorarium, after which work on the project begins. Implementation, such as printing costs, postage and paper, are covered by AIGA and/or an interested sponsor.

          The guidelines are as follows:

          • Preference is given to current AIGA members and AIGA student groups.
          • Groups of volunteers may work together on a project if the majority are current AIGA members.
          • To be considered, you must submit a proposal with a link to your online portfolio.
          • A design brief, including honorarium amount, will be provided for consideration before any work commences.

          If you're interested in volunteering your design services for an event, submit a proposal to AIGA’s volunteer coordinator.

          Update August 2022: Part of a student group? Don't miss out! Join or renew early to ensure your membership is active well in advance of volunteer recruitment opportunities. We experience higher-call/email volume during the back-to-school season. Thank you in advance for your patience; we are a small staff and will do our best to process applications in the the order they are received.

            Can you send me a course listing for AIGA?
            AIGA is a professional association, serving its members and promoting the value of design to the business community and the general public. It neither offers courses in design nor makes recommendations of selected programs. Nationally, each chapter's lecture series may address programs and creative practices, but they are not offered as courses.

            AIGA does offer a comprehensive resource for those interested in a career in design. AIGA Career and Education Guide is intended to help the individual make decisions about preparing for a career in design. It defines the purpose and practice of the field and identifies the strong links between effective educational programs and effective professional practice. Suggestions are made to help the individual evaluate schools and potential employers.

            What are the top 20 graphic design schools in the U.S.?
            AIGA is a professional association, serving its members and promoting the value of graphic design to the business community and the general public. We do not rank graphic design programs or schools.

            Here are NASAD-accredited schools for reference. 

            Can AIGA help find a design graduate a job?
            AIGA's website offers Design Jobs, a national career and recruitment center. AIGA members may post a job seeker profile, and anyone may post a job listing.

            Do you sponsor a student competition? Do you know of any national student competitions coming up soon?
            The AIGA national competitions do not include a category for student work. The main reason for this is that the selected entries from these competitions become traveling exhibitions, and we need multiple copies of each selection, which are not available if the work hasn't been produced, as is generally the case with student work.

            Some AIGA chapters have competitions at a local level, and many of them include a category for student work. Please contact your local AIGA chapter for more information.

            Publications like How and Print have sections in their annual reviews for student work as well. You can contact them for deadlines and additional information. Also, there's a catalog of both national and international competitions called “Awards, Honors and Prizes,” by Gale Publishing. You can find it in the reference section of libraries. They have a dedicated section on design competitions.

            Does AIGA offer any scholarships?
            AIGA and Worldstudio offer AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships to allow young people from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to not only to realize their artistic dreams, but also to give back to their communities.

            I'm looking for a summer internship. Any hints on how to start my search?
            We encourage students to list themselves in the job seekers section Design Jobs with a “seeking status” of Internship. Likewise, we are encouraging firms to list their internship opportunities.

            You should also contact local colleges and universities to determine if they have internship placements. Another good way of proceeding is to review past AIGA annuals to identify designers whose work you admire and write to them. You can also contact the National Network for Artist Placement and ask for a copy of The National Directory of Artist Internships. This publication identifies art internships for emerging artists in various fields, including graphic design. The directory is distributed to over 2,000 colleges, university career centers, and libraries and is useful for graduating arts students. Contact: NNAP, National Network for Artist Placement, 935 West Avenue 37, Los Angeles, CA 90065. 213 222-4035

            What is the AIGA student medallion?
            The AIGA Medallion for Design Excellence was awarded in recent years in recognition of distinguished achievement by a student in graphic design. The individual receiving the award has exhibited outstanding creativity, innovation, achievement or leadership, and dedication to the profession of design.

            Update: AIGA awarded this medallion to encourage national awareness and recognition of the contributions of design students to the future of graphic design. AIGA worked with a small number of schools in the late 1990s. The program is currently in hiatus.

            Still have questions?

            If you're unable to find the answer you're looking for, please contact us. 

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