Design for Good Webcast Series: Episode Six
Design for Good Webcast Series: Episode Six
Design for Good Webcast Series: Episode Six

Another Veteran’s Journey: By Design

The sixth episode of the Design for Good webcast series, “Another kind of veteran's journey: by design,” took place on May 26, 2017.

About this episode

Design justice practice; racial justice by design: What happens when design aims to bulldoze privileges, break down power dynamics, and resist biases and procedures that prevent underserved communities from equal access to power?


Can art and design bridge people together?
Tyler Way addressed the challenges of building a grassroots organization into a viable social enterprise and the need to find corporate and philanthropic funding while economically empowering veterans. He asked, how do you scale your impact, and take a passion project into a national experience? You go on a 50-state Airstream trip to engage AIGA chapters and partner one vet with one artist per state.

Is government the next frontier in which design can innovate?
Amber Schleuning focuses on modernizing services and processes that help vets access mental health. Her team is dedicated to creating a seamless veteran experience, whether in LA or Detroit, using human-centered design methodologies. She designs for clarity, continuity, community, and confidentiality, and addressed the challenges and opportunities for more public storytelling of the veteran’s journey.

About the panel

  • Amber Schleuning serves as deputy director of the Veterans Affairs’ Center for Innovation, co-leading the federal “start-up” and its talented team.
  • Tyler Way is the co-founder/creative director of [HAS HEART], a Michigan-based grassroots nonprofit organization that utilizes the mediums of art, design, and fashion to engage and benefit Veterans.

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