Resources for students
Resources for students
Resources for students

Welcome to AIGA, the professional association for design!

AIGA represents designers, connects students and professionals in a community passionate about design, teaches everyone about the value of creativity and design, and helps students learn how to navigate the ins and outs of working as a professional designer. We’re here to help you enter into a great profession with confidence and opportunities for success!

Resources for AIGA student members

Join AIGA at any level and select “Student” as your primary attribute to get access to these exclusive benefits, unique resources and discounts:

Advice and resources for all design students

As a professional association, AIGA provides articles, videos, advice and resources for emerging designers worldwide:

While you’re in school

Finding and starting your first design job

Looking for more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about student membership or to suggest ideas for this site.

Students are also encouraged to take the initiative and start an activity locally, with a student group or with the nearest AIGA chapter. AIGA’s success is the result of many volunteer members acting on their impulses to improve the member experience!