Cassidy Blackwell | Natural selection: on evolution of beauty

Natural Selection: On Evolution of Beauty

Filmed on October 18, 2016 at the 2016 AIGA Design Conference

About this video

“Above all else: authenticity,” says Cassidy Blackwell, who designs health and beauty products for people of color. That authenticity doesn’t have to be the most glamorous—but it does need intimacy and community. In this video, Cassidy Blackwell explores the role of authenticity in the process of building a brand both online and offline.

Speaker bio

Cassidy Blackwell leads brand marketing at Walker & Company, a family of brands designing health and beauty solutions for people of color. In her role, Blackwell manages communications and content for the company’s flagship brand, Bevel, which provides grooming products and services designed to help reduce razor bumps and skin irritation from shaving. She also runs partnerships for the company.

Named by Fast Company as one of The Most Creative People in Business 2016, Blackwell is dedicated to empowering and educating men and women of color about their options in health and beauty. Before Walker & Company, she managed social media for Stitch Fix and served as global editor for TextureMedia, the world’s largest haircare platform. She also founded Natural Selection, a blog that helps guide more than 50,000 women on how to wear their hair naturally. A Minneapolis native, she graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in French literature.

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