Webcast: Savage Thinking

Part of the “AIGA Voices” series of webcasts featuring thoughtful and influential designers—including AIGA board members—speaking about a wide range of topics.   

This session was recorded on May 23, 2013. Watch this webcast.

In a world where the craft of design is becoming increasingly commoditized and companies don’t always recognize our value, how do designers remain relevant to business and to the world?

Now is the critical time for designers to change their approach. By combining head, heart and hand, we have the opportunity to make our designs more impactful and enriching to our audiences. This is more than just designing for good, it’s about designing with purpose.

In this webcast Robin Tooms and Ashley Rundall shared how designers can learn the principles of “Savage Thinking’’ and move toward more purposeful design.


Tooms headshotRobin Tooms, principal and vice president of strategy at Savage Brands

Robin was born with a genetic gift that gave her eight hands and arms that she currently conceals beneath brightly colored, coordinated sweater sets. On any given day you can find her utilizing those extra appendages to her advantage by simultaneously holding conference calls with clients, creating online marketing campaigns, serving on the national board for AIGA, keeping AMA Houston in tip-top shape, working with management to set the direction of the company, updating the company blog and emailing numerous contacts, all while still managing to hit up an online Kate Spade sample sale.

This refined multi-tasker works closely with clients to develop brand positioning, online marketing strategies, dynamic websites, engaging internal communications and social media campaigns. She is dedicated to staying on the forefront of innovative technologies that enhance communication and business. Robin is an alumna of the University of Houston and holds an MBA from the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business.

Ashley Rundall headshotAshley Rundall, art director at Savage Brands

Ashley is fast–really fast. In fact, in the time it took you to read that, she already designed two websites and had a mid-morning snack. Ashley is also an accomplished illustrator, a former certified fitness trainer, a neat freak, new mother and has never missed a visit to the dentist, as evidenced by her big smile (sunglasses sold separately).

In addition to being talented, productive and efficient, Ashley is an art director who works with design directors to create unique visual solutions for identities, print collateral and websites. Ashley has applied her talents to projects for companies like Sysco Corporation, Quanex Building Products, HTS and Albemarle. Ashley received her BA in mass communication advertising sequence from Texas State University and is an active member of AIGA Houston.