Where Are the Black Designers?

By Maurice Cherry

The topic of racial diversity in the graphic design community has been going on for well over 20 years. The intensity ebbs and flows, but the premise is the same: what can we do change the makeup of the graphic design community so it reflects the multicultural world we live in?

Let’s look at what we know. Design-driven companies in Silicon Valley like Twitter report only single-digit percentages of American employees of color. Design conferences and smaller events promise to do better every year after unveiling speaker panels with majority white speakers. And between magazines, podcasts, and other media, the field of design can look like it’s only created for and by a certain group of people.

How do we fix this? Can we fix this? And what’s the overall benefit of diversifying the design industry? I explored these questions and more in this video based on my recent SXSW presentation titled “Where Are The Black Designers?”

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