Racial Justice by Design Town Hall: Unfolded

Listen to this video series on Racial Justice by Design led by experts in the fields of police reform, community engagement and social impact design.

AIGA continues to unpack the conversation ‘Racial Justice by Design,’ a collaborative supported by both AIGA’s Diversity & Inclusion and Design for Democracy initiatives. This series of thought-provoking video clips, pulled from our Town Hall discussion from July, features diverse experts addressing the complexity of racial justice issues. Experts in the field of policing, community engagement and design provided critical assessment of the issues at stake. 

Our aim is to continue to advance the dialogue on race, justice, and design across our 70 chapters and encourage further local engagement. Designers know how to use empathy to enhance understanding, help better communicate and address seemingly intractable issues in a human-centered way. AIGA is committed to identifying what social impact design can do to enable racial justice.