Questions to Ask Schools


  • What degree programs does the school offer? Is there a full major in communication design?
  • What percentage of the curriculum is devoted to communication design? To general studies?
  • How early in the curriculum do students begin study in communication design coursework?
  • Does the curriculum reflect emerging areas of professional practice that are likely areas for employment?
  • Are internship opportunities available for communication design majors? Do students receive credit for these experiences and does the school facilitate placement and monitor progress?
  • What is the typical employment profile of graduates of the program? Where and for whom do they work?
  • What is the success of alumni in gaining access to graduate study?


  • How many faculty are dedicated to instruction in communication design?
  • Who are the faculty and what are their professional qualifications to teach these courses?
  • What is the relationship of full-time to part-time faculty? How are part-time faculty informed about the curriculum and do they participate in advising?
  • What is the student-to-faculty ratio in communication design?


  • What studio facilities are provided and how many hours do students have access to them?
  • What labs support communication design instruction?
  • How are lab fees determined and what do they support?
  • What library resources support communication design majors?


  • Describe the computer resources that support study in communication design? How many access hours are available outside of class?
  • Is purchase of a laptop required/recommended, and if so, what resources of the school support privately owned equipment? (Students qualify for higher financial aid packages if computers are required, rather than recommended).
  • What peripherals (printers, scanners, video and sound equipment, digital cameras) are available for student use?
  • How are labs maintained and are there dedicated personnel for this purpose?
  • Does the school have a technology plan that addresses the ongoing upgrade and purchase of equipment?