Certificate Description

This course is for prospective and current renters and homeowners who are navigating the process of buying a home all the way from decision to securing a mortgage. Buying a home can be stressful, confusing, and rife with new language and emotions. This course breaks it down to help you feel more confident and prepared when making what will probably be the single largest purchasing decision of your life.

To help the design community we partnered with Gabi Slemer, CFA from Finasana to offer this certificate which will cover an overview of the things you need to think about when looking to buy a home and how to navigate the mortgage process. 

By purchasing this certificate you will be helping to fund someone else in the design community that can’t afford it. For every ten purchases, we will give one free scholarship to those in need.




Non member: $299
AIGA member: $199




Courses Included in this Certificate

  • The Great Debate: Rent vs. Buy?
  • Understanding & Preparing for a Mortgage


  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Rent vs. Buy Decision Interactive Worksheet

Key Features

“I always thought investing wasn't for people like me, but the way the courses break everything down into tiny chunks makes it accessible and it's done in an order that finally makes sense to me.”—Caitlin R.

"The way that the courses explain everything is so clear and concise. The articles, the videos, everything... Finance is so intimidating but with the language used, I was like 'wow, I actually understand this!"—Andrea R.

"For the first time in my life I feel like I finally understand money. The content in the courses is so relatable, simple, and clear which makes me feel more confident and like I can actually tackle my finances!"—Carolina S.

"These courses should be required for everyone starting their first job."—Lindsay M. 

    Non member: $299
    AIGA member: $199

    You may request a refund up to five (5) days from the purchase date. The registration fee will only be refunded if less than 10% of the course has been completed. Completion percentage can be viewed on the Course Progress page from within the course.

    Access Time: 365 days

    Estimated time to complete the course: 3 hours

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Managing personal finances is critical to career success, autonomy, and personal achievement, as well as to reduce the risk of financial stress. As a design association with a strong community of creative and freelance professionals, AIGA wants to help both design professionals and the profession improve their personal finance management skills to free up time and brain space to focus on what they’re good at: designing. We heard from our community that professional development is valued more than anything else. We also learned from our research efforts that personal finance is an area that designers are interested in improving to best position themselves to advance their careers. AIGA is here to help with the launch of a new pilot program that offers money courses for the creative professional. We will continue to improve and build on this initiative with a lean approach, along with your support and collaboration. We encourage you to join the pilot program and please share your insights as we aim to continue listening, learning, and improving this new membership benefit.

      In partnership with Finasana, AIGA is offering courses that will help creative professionals improve their money skills. Finasana has a comprehensive catalog of personal finance courses and certificates for busy professionals. Through this partnership, AIGA is able to offer this benefit to members. 


        During the pilot rollout, all learning will be asynchronous. Once you enroll in the course, you will also have exclusive access to the AIGA course community to network, connect, and learn with your peers. Our goal is to share additional resources and offer optional activities to help customize the learning experience to your specific situation. As part of the pilot program, we will offer a few optional live sessions to meet/greet other learners and learn in action through conversations with your design peers.

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          The community component is hosted by AIGA + Next Thought.
          On-demand learning will occur within the AIGA + Finasana Learning Management System.
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