Miss Emily Mason

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My professional career you ask? Here’s the scoop:


Three years ago I graduated from college. Two months before graduation I finally heard the little voices in my head that had been telling me (for at least two years) that my true passion in life was in graphic design. One could easily say that that epiphany was two years too late, especially since I graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Such is life, right? 

After graduation I figured I would give the interior design world a chance (since I paid for the expensive piece of paper ya know?). I landed a pretty sweet gig working as the sole interior designer for a small company. Majority of what I do on a daily basis (although I wear a lot of hats) is designing the corporate offices for our multi-billion dollar sister company. I guess you could say my call-to-fame was rebranding and re-standardizing their Chicago location.   

While most people I talk to think my job sounds fascinating, the 3D world doesn’t seem to light that fire for me like I know it should. Which only confirms my love for typography and designing in the 2D world even more.

Well it turns out, you can teach yourself a lot of things. My spare time for the last two years has been spent teaching myself the tools and skills to be a successful graphic designer. I have taken on freelance clients to help them with their logo and overall brand identity. While I am still learning a lot, I am ready to make the career move.  


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