Miss Nancy Flemm

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I'm a printmaker + a giggle maker that designs letterpress cards to tickle your bits! I laugh uncontrollably when people fall, am obsessed with paper, am an ink sniffing addict and am pretty sure I'm one-eighth porcupine, so I was destined for a career in which I make pretty things dangerous [growl], then sit in glee waiting for my prey [maniacal laughter]. I decided it was my mission to give people the giggles and oh the glorious face altering giggles did they receive! In 2011, I created pixies & porcupines by combining my love of sugary sweet old-timers and big juicy humdingers. My cards feast upon any occasion to use jazz hands, celebrate killer instincts, cover an aging cougar in chocolate, unwrap large packages, and find your inner peace with weed + cheetos. Check out my funny business at pixiesandporcupines.com.


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