Sara Thompson

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My name is Sara. I live on a little, tiny island called Martha's Vineyard. I started doing jewelry work when I was 8. Then at 11, I received a wonderful opportunity to apprentice for a silversmith. Here I am now years later, finished my apprenticship, working for another jeweler, and running my etsy shop since I was 15. I'm branching off and creating my own designs. I am graduating high school a year early and among the top in the senior class. After, I hope to travel and continue on educating myself about jewelry, glass, metals and getting a degree in metalsmithing. I will be attending Oregon College of Art and Craft in the fall.

Within the last few years, I have fallen in love with making jewelry and come to appreciate art more and more. When I'm creating jewelry, I find myself slipping into a comforting world where I can create pieces that no one else has. The love manipulating and working with metal. I am fascinated with enameling. It's another world with unpredictable results.

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