Tania Herfurth

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Owner/designer at Small White Cat Design.

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Small White Cat Design

High Quality Creative Design & Consulting for Print, Packaging, Advertising, Campaign, Website, Social Media and more!

Our mission is to help you succeed.
Company Overview
And it all started with a small white cat...

Always in the moment, our small white cat showed us how to appreciate the good that comes your way... be it a good game of fetch (yes, cats fetch), a good job, a good friend, a good meal, a good vacation or a good deal. 

Years later, in her honor, we established Small White Cat Design. Go figure...you could say that we built our principles of gratitude, devotion, attention and enjoyment on lessons we learned from a small white cat.

We hope you appreciate our ethic. We bring it to everything we do. We’ll help you meet your needs quickly, creatively, honestly and efficiently. And we’ll stay in the game until you are completely happy (pretty much like playing fetch). We look forward to hearing from you soon. And thanks in advance for helping us continue to appreciate such a good job.

Who knew that you could learn so much from a small white cat?

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