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Freelance Graphic Designer specializing in Brand and Visual Identity as well as Layout Design.

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I am a Freelance Graphic Designer and my services are currently available for hire. I specialize in Brand and Visual Identity (making you memorable) and Layout Design (making you or your product beautiful). My last name is a bit much for most to remember how to spell, so in order to ensure that you can easily find me, I gave my freelance work a name. Do not be mistaken though, Crab Fire Design is not a firm. I work on a freelance basis, one-on-one with clients to help them create a brand that will get them noticed and help create promotional work or advertisements that will get them money. 

Over they years I have worked with individuals, businesses, and non-profits alike; and in the case of Hope 4 Justice in Bellingham, WA, an Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Group, I helped start it from the ground up. Some of these companies already had a logo, but they were very generic, outdated, or extremely boring. Some of them had a website up and running, but clients weren't contacting them and they were simply wasting money on webspace. Others felt that they already knew exactly what they wanted and I was there to just help them in their busy season. But a logo isn't a brand. Just having a website doesn't mean that the famous Field of Dreams quote "if you build it they will come" will come true. You need more.

My goal is to work with you individually to find out what you want your company to become, what you can do to stand out against your competitors, and do so at a quality that makes me want to show this work to others. But I'm also able to do so at a significantly lower rate then a design firm and unlike the big boys, I can also answer the phone at 3:00am for last minute changes.

Below are a few ways to start our new relationship:

Call my personal cell: 360-739-8898
Send me a quick email:
Want to see some work first? Head over to
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