Jamie L. Thomas

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Jamie Thomas is finally a graduate of Towson University since her daring adventure began in 2005 at a local community college. During those 8 years of her educational journey many milestones have been reached, including interning for children’s book illustrator Gail Piazza, volunteering for Cecil Colleges’ ceramic room and the opportunity to intern for PTC International, where she was able to hone her skills.

Influenced by her mother’s artistic knack Jamie started illustrating by time she started high school, driven to the graphic design field from her interest of web design. One of her most shameful secrets of her younger years was developing and maintaining a Geocities web site, which at the time she thought was the bees-knees, with all its glorious animations and starry backgrounds, and midi music.

Now amongst the pile of students loans, empty Starbuck coffee cups and wrappers of Ramen noodles-a professional of graphic design has sprouted

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