Kayla Baca

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I am passionate about design. I love to bring whimsy and my own personal style to the work I do.

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Hello! I hope you'll take the time to look through my work to help you get to know me, but I’d also like to share some things you might not learn from my portfolio.

I decided to get into graphic design because I’m intrigued by the idea that the world communicates visually. Whether it’s design, fashion, dance, or one of the many other things I love, we can all understand the language of visuals. Although there may be barriers between various languages, almost anyone can understand a well-designed piece of art, and that’s a language that I strive to be fluent in.

No matter what message you want to communicate, as limited as it may be by words, the same message can be communicated through design in a powerful way. Just like any other language it takes years to become fluent, and I love working towards that goal. Although I’ve just graduated with my BFA in visual communication, I spent the past two years working at a small, local business doing large-scale printing and design. Through this experience I was able to learn what happens beyond the design phase of a project and gain a valuable new perspective in the design world.

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