Emily A. Sawtelle Erdmann

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At the start of my career, I found a home with FÖDA Studio in Austin, Texas — one of the best brand & identity consultancies in the country. With creative director and mentor, Jett Butler, I had the opportunity to practice thoughtful, inspired design on a daily basis. We provided market research and strategy, concept development, production, vendor control, client services, and thought leadership; All of which culminated in a lot of awards, publications, and an impressive body of work.


In 2012, I was offered a position with Washington D.C.-based technology start-up, SATMAP, to redesign and manage the company’s own brand & identity. Our clients include organizations like AT&T, Barclays, British Gas, Dell, DirecTV, Orbitz, Sprint, and Time Warner Cable. The transition from designing identities for others to utilizing them firsthand in-house has offered fresh perspective.


I’ve worked with a broad range of clientele: many restaurants and architecture firms, a real estate company, several public speakers and consultants, an antique collector, an art film theater, and even a jazz quartet. My experience with such a diverse array of clients makes me confident and comfortable working with local businesses, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.

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