What’s new: must-have apps and resources for designers

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In this edition of what’s new for designers and developers, we’ve included lots of color resources, startup resources, educational tools, email tools, JavaScript resources, icons, inspiration sources, CSS resources, and much more. And as always, we’ve also included some awesome new free fonts!

Almost everything on the list this month is free, with a few high-value paid apps and tools also included. They’re sure to be useful to designers and developers, from beginners to experts.

HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes is a color picker that lets you get HTML color codes, hex color codes, RGB and HSL values, and more. There’s also a color chart, if you’d rather not use the picker.


Framer Inventory for Sketch

Framer Inventory for Sketch is a plugin that lets you generate FramerJS prototypes. You can export states rather than screens, it’s faster than Keynote, and more.



Rucksack is a collection of CSS features like responsive typography and property aliases that’s built on PostCSS. It’s modular and lightning fast.



Chocolat.js is a jQuery free lightbox plugin. It’s light, responsive, and powerful.


Frontify Style Guide

Frontify Style Guide lets you create free style guides for your projects quickly and easily. You can include logos, images, color palettes, typography, and much more.


iOS 9 GUI for Sketch

iOS 9 GUI for Sketch includes devices, icons, and keyboard vector images. It includes a ton of elements, and respects the latest Apple guidelines for iOS9.


Font Flame

Font Flame is like Tinder for font pairing. You’re presented with a font pairing, and can select whether you love it or hate it to see another.



Flinto is a prototyping tool for Mac. You can create prototypes with simple tap-throughs to more impressive interactions.


UI Movement

UI Movement delivers UI design inspiration right to your inbox. You can also search or browse the site for ideas.



Bonsai offers free, bulletproof contracts. It includes simple e-signing and integrated escrow, too.



Wake is a private space for sharing and collaborating on design work with your team. You can share screenshots and photos, explain and get feedback, and more.


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