Membership FAQs

Find common questions for AIGA membership below.

Joining AIGA

    Click here to reset your password and an automated email will be sent to you shortly. If you don't receive one, please email and we'll send you a password reset email from the backend. 

    If you need to reset your username, please also email and we'll update that for you. 

      All members are a part of AIGA’s national organization, and are also affiliated with one of the 70+ local chapters across the nation. When you become a member and select a chapter, a portion of your dues goes to funding your chapter’s programming and initiatives, local networking events, workshops, Design Weeks, conferences, and more. When creating your profile on you can choose your chapter, or update it any time, from the “My Profile” page on If you need help finding a chapter near you, check out this interactive map or email

        AIGA's online Designer Directory allows a search by first name, last name, company, city, or state. In addition, you can view members’ portfolios at

        The Designer Directory is a public listing of all active AIGA members. The minimum information included in your public profile is your name and email address. However, when you log in to and click "My profile", you may fill out the optional fields as extensively as you wish.

        Benefits membership

          Membership with AIGA has many benefits including connection to the largest design community in the US, full access to Design Jobs, discounts on events, professional development offerings, services, and products; industry news and trends, health insurance assistance, and more! To view the full list of benefits AIGA members receive, please visit the Benefits page. Additionally, AIGA chapters often provide additional member benefits specific to their creative community. Inquire with your local chapter for more information.

            Your educator or student status is captured as an attribute within your member profile. You can join or renew at any membership level and select the “educator” or "student" attribute under “job type”. Be sure to keep this information up to date as it is critical for providing you the most relevant news and opportunities.

              In partnership with Association Health Programs (AHP), AIGA offers assistance with health insurance enrollment. AHP is the industry leader for providing health insurance solutions to association members by designing and recommending products tailored to each member’s needs. With 30 years of experience, AHP brings product knowledge and rate stability to AIGA members. 

              While AHP is able to offer some product discounts to eligible members, this varies based on a number of components including state and plan type. To learn if the plans you are interested in are available at a discounted rate, AIGA members can call an AHP representative today at 888-450-3040. 

              Please be aware that AHP will not be able to provide information about available health insurance options to non-members. The benefit AHP offers our members is assistance in looking for plans, costs, and options based on certain criteria. This means the information (plans, cost, etc) cannot be shared with those who aren't members of our association.

                Posting to Design Jobs is available to members and nonmembers, but current AIGA members at the Sustaining level and above receive a significant discount when posting a job. Other questions about Design Jobs? Check out the Design Jobs support page.

                International membership

                  AIGA has members located around the world, but no active international chapters. When registering, you can choose ‘international’ from the chapter field of your account.

                    As a peer group, AIGA offers advisory opinion letters in support of O-1, O-2, and H-1B petitions to members at the Sustaining level, with their membership dues paid in full. Required materials can be emailed to

                    The cost for this service is $250 payable by credit card, wire transfer, or check. Members typically receive their letters within three to five business days, once all of the materials are received. If you aren’t an AIGA member or you need to upgrade your membership, please visit or email

                    Group membership

                      Group memberships begin at $675 annually for a minimum of three members. From there, the price increases based on a tiered system:

                      3 members = $675
                      4-8 members = $1,000
                      9-15 members = $1,500
                      16-25 members = $2,500
                      26-35 members = $3,000
                      36-45 members = $3,500
                      46-60 members = $4,500
                      61-80 members = $6,000
                      81-100 members = $7,500
                      100+ members = Email to speak with a membership specialist.

                        Only the administrator of the group has the ability to renew or manage members by following the below steps.

                        For the administrator:

                        -To renew online, log in to and go to "Membership".
                        -Once on the membership page, scroll over the bottom right square. This will turn into a "Renew" button. Click to proceed.
                        -After you have made your tier selection, you will see a list of your current members with green check boxes next to their names. To make any removals, uncheck any person who is no longer in the group. To add, click "Add member" and type in the name and email address of your new employee. Once saved, their name should appear in the list.
                        -Check the box next to the name of any member to be included in the group so it is green. This will activate their membership and will trigger a welcome email.
                        -You can change your list throughout the year, but if you need to change tiers, you can only do so during the renewal process.
                        -You may also "request a quote" on the payment screen and then input an email if necessary.

                        Payment options

                          AIGA is a nonprofit organization and your dues are considered a charitable contribution. While we can accommodate a membership cancellation, we cannot provide a refund of your membership dues, and you will still have to pay for the full year regardless of whether you are on the monthly payment plan or not.

                            Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a membership refund or transfer payment to another individual. 

                              Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any time during your membership cycle by emailing Dues that have already been received are non-refundable. However, you are welcome to downgrade your membership at the time of renewal. 

                                To purchase a gift membership, please complete this form or email The AIGA membership team will work with you to record the recipient’s contact information (full name, email address, chapter, and mailing address) and process your payment. A receipt will be emailed to you for your records.

                                Still have questions? Feel free to email