Justified Juror Comments: Five Borough Farm

In 2013, for “Justified: AIGA Design Competition,” a distinguished jury chaired by Clement Mok selected 14 case studies that each serve as an effective tool to explain the role of designers in conceiving and implementing solutions.

The following are individual jurors’ comments on the selection “Case Study: Five Borough Farm.” To view all 14 selected works, visit: aiga.org/justified-2013-selections/

Valarie Casey 300x200

Valerie Casey, founder and chief executive officer, Necessary Projects, San Francisco, California

Each element of the design system captures the creative tension between unexpected bedfellows: New York City and farming. With a light touch, the website and infographics marry hand-drawn interventions with crisp photography and modest type treatments to create a scene that is both accessible and motivating. The system is informative, clear and understated. This execution sets the bar for visually articulating urban agriculture in a confident and appropriate way.

Jessica Hische 300x200

Jessica Hische, letterer and procrastiworker, Title Case, San Francisco, California

A beautiful mark for a great initiative. I loved the look and feel of their branding materials because they were able to capture a “handmade” and “from scratch” aesthetic without getting too cute or kitschy. The design of the rest of the materials is clean and easy to digest.

Brad Johnson 300x200

Brad Johnson, VP, executive creative director, Second Story (now part of SapientNitro), Portland, Oregon

A beautiful, comprehensive design family that does a great job illustrating the Living Principles of Design framework. Here, each of the multi-channel expressions—identity, posters, website, book, etc.—converge to add value to the client’s proposition. Its ultimate impact across culture, people, the environment and the economy is both effective and “justified.”

Josh Rubin 300x200

Josh Rubin, founder and editor in chief, Cool Hunting, New York, New York

Urban farming is becoming popular but it’s not necessarily well understood. The Five Borough Farm publication is not only a valuable resource for urban farmers but also an inspiration and learning tool for all consumers.

Alina Wheeler 300x200

Alina Wheeler, author, Designing Brand Identity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Understanding the range of needs of the stakeholders, from farmers and gardeners to city officials and agencies, was critical to this deep and collaborative process. Synthesizing vast amounts of complex information while expressing the intrinsic spirit of urban agriculture was a challenge that was successfully met throughout all of the applications. Kudos to the design team, who kept their focus on building informed and inspired advocates of urban agriculture during a lengthy engagement. A great collaboration that used smart tools to advance decision-making on the cusp of an important movement.