Justified Juror Comments: TNSJ Visual Identity and Communications

In 2013, for “Justified: AIGA Design Competition,” a distinguished jury chaired by Clement Mok selected 14 case studies that each serve as an effective tool to explain the role of designers in conceiving and implementing solutions.

The following are individual jurors’ comments on the selection “Case Study: TNSJ Visual Identity and Communications.” To view all 14 selected works, visit: aiga.org/justified-2013-selections/

Valarie Casey 300x200

Valerie Casey, founder and chief executive officer, Necessary Projects, San Francisco, California

Rarely do we experience such exquisite creativity in both process and execution. Each member of our jury was intrigued, delighted and captivated by this work. The “backstage” concept was flawlessly and unselfconsciously executed, and the consistency across the system made both the individual components and the entire body of work feel worthy of recognition. Each piece expressed graphical excellence, an engaging narrative and a truly dynamic and visceral experience. Exceptional.

Jessica Hische 300x200

Jessica Hische, letterer and procrastiworker, Title Case, San Francisco, California

Beautiful work! I loved seeing a bit of the process and I think that you can really tell that both the theater and the designers are excited about this work. The resulting images are captivating, and I love how consistency has been kept across all materials without them ever being boring. The light projection pieces are just beautiful, especially when you see them from the side as the type flows over the surface. The graphics are moody, modern and engaging; they would definitely grab me from the street to investigate.

Brad Johnson 300x200

Brad Johnson, VP, executive creative director, Second Story (now part of SapientNitro), Portland, Oregon

I loved the strong conceptual foundation behind this beautiful, smart, theatrical work. Through inventive variations on a theme, this project establishes a personality for the theater company as well as their individual productions. Each poster and program cover offers a fresh behind-the-scenes glimpse into a world that was varied but also coherent.

Clement Mok 300x200

Clement Mok, design and business consultant, The Design Office of Clement Mok, San Francisco, California

Inspirational. A refreshing look at marketing and communications material for a theater and its program. Considering the historical and cultural heritage of this place, the design solution is progressive and a study in contrast. One gets the sense that the materials are dragging the institution kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Josh Rubin 300x200

Josh Rubin, founder and editor in chief, Cool Hunting, New York, New York

The embodiment of “head, heart, hand,” Joana Monteiro’s designs for the Teatro Nacional São João are clever, exciting and technically sophisticated.

Christopher Simmons 300x200

Christopher Simmons, principal and creative director, MINE™, San Francisco, California

I was immediately struck by the visual confidence of these campaigns—in particular, the “behind the scenes” series. We’ve come to expect a certain “look” from the performing arts—too often, some expressive typography overlaid on a singular dramatic image of a performer or the venue. At first glance, these works seem to fit that paradigm. But look closer and the viewer is drawn past the curtain into the equally theatrical world of the production itself. And it’s a messy, magical place. An unexpected look at theater that heightens—but doesn’t expose—its mystery. A smart solution whose many details are thoughtfully considered and deftly executed.