Building a Creative, Customer-focused Culture

Tim Riley

From its inception in 2010, Warby Parker has placed a strong emphasis on creative solutions to customer problems. This talk will delve into how Warby Parker encourages creativity from every department internally (as it's grown from ten people to almost two thousand)—and the inner-workings of how those ideas are ultimately brought to life to improve the overall customer experience.

Tim Riley is the Senior Director of Experience Design for Warby Parker, where he leads a team of product managers and designers focused on creating holistic experiences across all of Warby Parker's digital platforms and stores. This includes overseeing the overall experience on, the company's iOS apps, and the custom point-of-sale system used in Warby Parker stores. As one of the first employees of Warby Parker, Tim was focused on developing Warby Parker's brand experience from the very beginning, helping launch the first ever Warby Parker annual report, (for April Fool's Day), as well as establishing the brand's social media and email marketing teams. Fun fact about Tim: he's visited every single Major and Minor League Baseball stadium in the country (189 in total.)