Redesigning the Future

Sevra Davis

Filmed on October 9, 2015 at the 2015 AIGA Design Conference.

Our current linear model of “take, make, dispose” is creating major economic and environmental challenges. Risks to supply chains are increasing, the cost of materials is rising sharply, and the pressure is on for businesses to change. We must shift toward a more circular system by focusing on the whole rather than individual components or products, and examining the behaviors and cultures that underpin habits of production and consumption. In this video, Davis explains why holistic design thinking is needed more than ever as we embark on this transition.

A dedicated champion of design for social good, Sevra Davis spent 10 years working as an architect and urban designer before joining RSA to manage the strategic direction of the organization’s design work. During her time at the helm, Davis has led the RSA Student Design Awards to become one of the top programs for design students looking to apply their skills to today’s environmental, economic, and social challenges. The RSA Student Design Awards now include mentoring opportunities; an annual “roadshow” that introduces the concept of design for social impact to universities internationally; and student workshops on issues such as commercial awareness and business acumen, behavioral economics, the circular economy, and design research. Davis has consulted on design education and social innovation for international government clients, and frequently speaks on the value of a design approach and how open innovation can positively impact our future.