Matthew Duntemann & Anne Mullen | 2010 Gain Conference

Matthew Duntemann & Anne Mullen

From pitch to launch, what transpires between designer and client is often unseen and little talked about, the details known only to a privileged few. But what if we could have a seat at the table? Or be a fly on the wall in the conference rooms of design presentations between designers and clients? With “One + One” we can!

In September 2009, Nickelodeon said goodbye to its famous “splat” logo and launched a new, contemporary logo system across all of its properties. This monumental initiative resulted in a complete global redesign, including the rebranding of two of Nickelodeon's U.S. networks and a full redesign of every single extension of the Nickelodeon brand. The new Nickelodeon logo and identity as well as the system of sub-brand logos was created by Eric Zim, freelance creative director, who has worked with Anonymous Content, Richard Avedon, M&Co., Radical Media and Laura Ziskin Productions, among many others. The dynamic new identity and logos allowed for the successful unification of Nick's numerous brands. In this entertaining presentation, network creatives Matt Duntemann and Anne Mullen share the story and showcase the work that has unified the Nickelodeon Kids and Family identity. 

An award-winning creative director, art director and designer, Matthew Duntemann is that rare blend of adventurous and unrelenting creativity coupled with sharp business acumen. As a vice president of design for Nickelodeon’s Kids and Family Group, Duntemann oversees the development of all the on-air and online design for Nick Jr. and ParentsConnect as well as the on-air identities and a variety of special off-air projects for Nick and Nick at Nite. Previously, Duntemann worked as a creative director for several Nickelodeon/MTV Network brands, including TVLand and Nick at Nite, and as design director he was instrumental in the launch, look and success of Nickelodeon’s digital preschool and teen channels, NOGGIN and The N, and their matching websites. Before beginning his tenure at Nickelodeon, Duntemann served as creative director for Channel V/Star TV, a music and youth culture channel, broadcasting (via multi-lingual feeds) to a quarter of a billion Asian viewers and in the process winning several 4-A Hong Kong Advertising Awards. Duntemann’s award winning did not stop in the Far East; his work for a diverse number of companies and television networks has been honored by AIGA, American Typography, American Illustration, The Art Directors Club, The One Show, The Emmys and PromaxBDA.

Anne Mullen is the senior vice president of on-air creative strategy at Nickelodeon. She is responsible for overseeing the on-air creative execution for Nickelodeon 24 hours a day, from preschool to Nick at Nite. She also oversees the conceptualization, development and execution of all on-air promotion and brand communications in partnership with Nick’s programming, brand marketing and digital teams to ensure that the on-air creative execution aligns with the company’s larger business objectives. Mullen previously served as vice president of preschool production and was the creative force behind the preschool on-air team, working to create on-air content such as promotional spots, interstitials and vignettes. Mullen was instrumental in creating NOGGIN’s (renamed Nick Jr. in fall 2009) Emmy-nominated “If Life Were More Like Preschool” on-air campaign and promotional campaigns for Dora tent poles such Dora Saves the Mermaids. She also managed the creative team for the Blues Clues tenth anniversary event. Prior to joining Nickelodeon, Mullen served as director of original programming and production at Sundance Channel, where she oversaw its creative strategy and supervised the production and creative teams for the channel’s content development.