How do you get the attention of your dream client—and get a response?

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“How do you get the attention of your dream clients and actually get a response?” —@katgaskin

Show value. Getting their attention is the easy part. You could get a 20-piece orchestra and light fireworks while delivering your proposal, which would definitely have the wow factor, but first impressions, while no doubt important, are fleeting. You’ll only get a response by showing them something they've never seen before, something that will help their business in a tangible way and, more importantly, provide them with a strategy that will actually work.

Let’s flip it. Think of a brand you truly endorse and support. For the sake of this scenario, pick your favorite restaurant. Now imagine you’re the owner. Your current branding works well. You hired a designer your best friend recommended to do everything from your logo, identity, website, menus, interior signage—the whole shebang. You often get emails from designers asking you if you need any design work done for your marketing or upcoming events or promotions. But they’re all the same and you pay no attention to them. Why would you? They're not adding any value with their service offering.

I found the best way to get a dream client is to put together a presentation or a case study on what they’re doing wrong and then show them how to make it right. There’s really no point telling a client that what they're doing isn't working as well as it could without providing them with an alternative solution. All clients are looking for great innovators and problem solvers. So show them a unique disruption tailor made for their brand and blow their socks off. They'll not only respond, they'll want to know when you can get started.

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