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Human. Kind to other animals. Loves a nice, tart apple.

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It was a blustery January during something called the Ford administration. Films were bleak, legs were plaid, and the country’s top men were busily failing to improve the Chevy Vega. Inauspicious beginnings to be sure, but it was then in Morristown, New Jersey that Bodie Dennis was born. Immediately he began to complain.


In the years that followed, Dennis spent countless hours gazing at things that sounded fascinatinig, listening intently to things that looked intriguing, and then sitting quietly at the bottom of the lake. He claims to have learned a lot from this sort of thing.


He also demonstrated a crabby disposition toward his finger painting that was far beyond his years. His unwillingness to explain the choice of color over form during his "favorite foods" period showed a moodiness that was very advanced indeed.


To curb this tendency, young Bodie was sent to a daily public program aimed at breaking the spirit of such "creative types". The plan backfired, and he soon began to rebel - wearing bad pants with zippers all over them and carving, "Art scares old people", into all the desks.


Then at the tender age of 19, Mr. Dennis found his way to Flagstaff, Arizona. There, the high elevation and thin air brought a much-needed slowdown to his brain activity. Many see this as the point where Dennis "the artist" really became one of the people, and he was often seen staggering down the street, drooling, mumbling and rubbing garbage into his hair like anyone else.


Now on any given day, Bodie Dennis can be found cussing beneath a 40 year old car, writing up a list of ways in which he's better than you, or making a romantic dinner for one.


Amazingly, he does not live in New York, LA, San Francisco, London, Paris or Rome.

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