Constructions and Reconstructions by Norman Ives

September 18–November 21, 2007

Just as there are few athletes who excel in more than one professional sport, it is also rare for artists to be honored in diverse fields. In 1967, the Museum of Modern Art selected Norman Ives for its Three Graphic Designers exhibition; the same year, the Whitney Museum included one of Ives's paintings in its prestigious Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting. Both inclusions exemplify his range and dexterity as an artist.

A student, teacher, designer, publisher and artist, Ives was an instrumental figure at the Yale School of Art during its ascendance. Paintings, collages, bas-reliefs and murals were his passion. Letterforms became his lyrical strokes, their construction and reconstruction defining his work. This exhibition reflects the sophistication of form found in his design and fine-art creations.

AIGA Gallery, mezzanine, hours and directions.