Emerge: tailored experiences to engage the emerging designer

AIGA Minnesota is thrilled to announce the return of EMERGE, designed to engage emerging designers. The program continues its aim to provide designers who are 0–5 years into their careers after graduation with customized events, experiences, and content that will advance their career paths and create tangible opportunities.

EMERGE 2.0 is powered by AIGA Minnesota’s third AIGA Innovate grant. Awarded in July 2017, the program was submitted by Jenny Price, AIGA national president council chair and president emeritus of AIGA Minnesota, along with Katrin Loss, AIGA Minnesota president.

The goal during the next stage of development is to grow and expand EMERGE to reach new, more diverse audiences, in partnership with AIGA's Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. EMERGE will address each participating chapter and community’s needs in key areas of employment, growth, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills—as well as additional content designed to reach underrepresented designers and further empower emerging designers. The program demonstrates the value and benefits of being an AIGA member and aligns with the goals of AIGA’s strategic initiatives.

AIGA Minnesota kicked off the expansion project by converging leaders from 20 chapters across the country who had previously participated in EMERGE. Collaborating with the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, this group engaged in a series of online workshops over the course of two months through the MURAL  platform. The workshops incorporated the IBM Design Thinking framework, facilitated by Jenny, Katrin, and a team of support facilitators gathered from AIGA and IBM F.Act Summits, held earlier in 2017. Learn more about the program’s development process and partnership with MURAL.co.

Save the date for the next EMERGE Awareness Week: September 24–October 3, 2018. For more information about EMERGE click here.


Past EMERGE events:

Watch the posted recordings from EMERGE Awareness Week below:

Questions about EMERGE? Contact Jenny Price, president’s council chair, with questions at jenny_price@aiga.org and Katrin Loss, AIGA Minnesota president, at president@aigaminnesota.org.