The Gillette Company

The Gillette Company, sketches


In the more than 100 years since Gillette was founded, the company has gained, held and strengthened its leadership role in the market through its strategy of managing its business with a long-term, global perspective, inherently including a role for design and innovation.

For Gillette, creating value has depended upon a commitment to several strategic concepts:

  • Accumulation of scientific knowledge that is constantly growing;
  • Innovative products that embody meaningful technological advances and allow the production of, literally, billions of high quality products; and
  • Design that creates a meaningful and genuine connection with the hearts and minds of consumers.

Gillette has not focused on design for design's sake alone. Instead it aims at creating innovative and effective products and visually representing the products in a way that communicates the Gillette brands to the consumer. Package design must validate what A. G. Lafley calls the “first moment of truth”—when the consumer sees the product at shelf and can identify and connect with it.

Transforming ideas into useful and innovative design engenders another fundamental Gillette strength—strong and enduring brand loyalty. Throughout its history, Gillette has recognized that great design not only differentiates, but can inspire, educate and communicate a brand's unique and superior attributes. Pamela Parisi, the director of global design resources at Gillette, has led this effort for more than fifteen years, and has been part of the effort since 1967.