Annual statement of commitment by board members

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As a board member of AIGA, I am fully committed and dedicated to the mission and have pledged to carry out this mission. I understand that my duties and responsibilities include:

  • I am fiscally responsible, with other board members, for this organization. I will know what our budget is and take an active part in reviewing, approving, and monitoring the budget and fundraising to meet it.
  • I know my legal responsibilities for this organization and those of my fellow board members. I am responsible for knowing and overseeing the implementation of policies and programs.
  • I accept the bylaws and operating principles outlined in the orientation materials and understand that I am morally responsible for the health and well-being of this organization.
  • I pledge to maintain a contributing level membership in AIGA for the period of my board service.
  • I will actively engage in fundraising for this organization in whatever ways are best suited for me. These may include individual solicitation, undertaking special events, writing mail appeals, and other similar activities. I am making a good faith agreement to do my best and to raise as much money as I can.
  • I will actively promote the programs of AIGA, while encouraging and supporting the staff.
  • I will be constructive in my participation in board meetings; express my opinion and concerns with any issues being discussed in the meeting, considering the issue from the perspective of the institution rather than my personal point of view; and, once a decision is made, even if it inconsistent with the outcome I championed, support all board actions enthusiastically.
  • I will attend board meetings, be available for phone consultation and undertake at least one project for the organization. If I am not able to meet my obligations as a board member, I will offer my resignation.

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