The impact of inclusion: Day two

“We are seeking to showcase the rich diversity of our community.” —Maurice Cherry

The 2016 AIGA Design Conference featured a record number of diverse speakers—and is committed to continuing being inclusive of various voices and perspectives for its next edition, this year in Minneapolis. In Las Vegas, the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) task force organized a series of sold-out events aiming to advance and broaden conversations about inclusion, asking, “What is the impact of inclusion?” Here’s what happened on day two.

About the panel

On day two, the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) task force presented its community impact report and connected with AIGA members who have already started to implement inclusive design programming at their local chapters or were seeking inspiration on how to do so. Introduced by Jacinda Walker, chair of the task force and the coordinator of this event, the presentation provided both recent and future approaches to further advance inclusion at AIGA and in the profession at large.

Opening remarks by Antionette Carroll, AIGA Saint Louis chapter president, D&I chair emerita, and the former chair of the task force, were followed by presentations by sub-committee leads who continue to act as a supportive resource for chapter leaders.

Stacy Sundar, AIGA New York, programming and implementation, Jessica Arana, AIGA Los Angeles, education and community, Dian Holton, AIGA DC, guidance and support, and standing in for the content and awareness committee, Jacinda Walker discussed recent achievements and future ambitions of the taskforce. The event concluded with a Q+A, and a request for suggestions and partnerships.

  • “We are expanding programming topics and creating a lecture series.” —Stacey Sundar, programming and implementation
  • “The culture of the design industry must also shift for change to occur.” —Jessica Arana, education and community
  • “We are seeking to showcase the rich diversity of our community.” —Maurice Cherry, content and awareness
  • “The task force exists to negate the necessity for new or separate design associations focused on the interests of neglected groups of people.” Gus Granger, Guidance and Support

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