Connie Asher



Connie Asher started a freelance business in 1977, in a home studio handsomely equipped with a T-square, a few sheets of press type, a bottle of rubber cement and a $49 Sears drawing board. Today the company is one of Denver’s most respected graphic design firms, creating design solutions for businesses with national and international markets. The formula for the studio’s strength is part people and part process—a collaborative approach that taps into the core wisdom of each client organization to produce materials that work.

Asher holds a BA in fine art from South Dakota State University. She is a founding member of the Colorado chapter of AIGA, and a former board member of the Art Directors Club of Denver. She received a Sappi “Ideas that Matter” grant in 2003, and won the Belmar Award for Achievement in Art and Design in 2004. By the time she sold the business in 2007, Asher Studio had amassed more than 115 local and national awards for design excellence, and the firm continues to thrive.

Asher has adapted to retirement better than anticipated, relishing a little more time for gardening, hiking, golf, travel and silversmithing—her newest passion. She follows design news with interest and still views the world with a designer’s eye. “I collect old pine boxes and metal ashtrays from the 1960s with odd lettering and juicy logos and slogans,” she says. “I still hate junk mail, double spaces after periods, and I’m continually entertained by the quirky hand-drawn typography on the Colorado license plate.”