Pop–Up Innovate Mash–Up

AIGA Minnesota received two of seven AIGA Innovate grants awarded in 2015. Pop-up Innovate Mash-up, one of the awarded grants submitted by AIGA Minnesota president Jenny Price and vice president Katrin Loss, is a two-day program that facilitates an immersive, collaborative experience for a select group of AIGA chapters led by a company focused on design thinking. The program will apply key methodologies and the chance to innovate to solve chapters’ membership growth and development challenges.

Unlike other workshops, the content of the Mash-up is driven entirely by the needs and opportunities identified by participating AIGA chapter teams. During the program, chapters will team-build and collaborate with each other for the betterment of all, with learning brought back to respective communities for further exploration, integration, and implementation. Successful outcomes will include thoughtfully devised programmatic and strategic plans for chapters to use in becoming more self-sufficient, thereby building a strong base for AIGA’s overall growth.

The theme for this year’s Mash-up is innovating for relevancy and cultivating transformative community impact through the engagement of design. In fall 2015, AIGA Minnesota invited all 70 AIGA chapters to submit a proposal expressing interest in participating in the 2016 Mash-up. Applicants that expressed an openness to participate for the betterment of the larger organization, to produce scalable and transferable concepts, to actively contribute and implement outcomes in their chapter, and to serve as advocates to other chapters were the most likely to be selected by the review panel for the 2016 Mash-up experience.

Inaugural 2016 Pop-up Innovate Mash-up chapter leader participants

AIGA Arizona
Anika Bausom, Design for Good director
Kathy Karrys, membership director

AIGA Blue Ridge
Laurel Webster, president
Cathy Bruce, secretary

AIGA Minnesota (AIGA Innovate grant organizing chapter)
Jenny Price, president
Katrin Loss, vice president

AIGA Seattle
Gage Mitchell, president
Ashley Worobec, Responsibility co-director

AIGA St. Louis
Antionette D. Carroll, president
Timothy Hykes, vice president

AIGA Wichita
Doug Stucky, Design Week chair, past president, Chapter Advisory Council member
Jonathan Wood, vice president

These 12 participants will convene in Chicago March 17–19, 2016 where Firebelly will serve as the official Mash-up host and facilitator.

Firebelly believes design can and should inspire critical thought and positive action. Everything they make, they make together, with a lot of love, intention, and respect for their clients’ core values and ideas. Since 1999, they’ve partnered with organizations of every size, across many industries, building identity systems, campaigns, and communication & tools that are as unique as they are useful. Their award-winning work is a testament to their collaborative process and conscious commitment to honesty, integrity, and beautiful, effective design.

As the organizing AIGA Innovate grant chapter, AIGA Minnesota is handling all logistics in coordination with the AIGA national office and Firebelly. We look forward to kicking off 2016 with this inaugural Pop-up Innovate Mash-up experience (visuals and font courtesy of Chank) to positively impact our local communities and the larger design profession. We are better together!

For more information or sponsorship inquiries, please contact Jenny Price of AIGA Minnesota.

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