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Since 2000, AIGA has activated its community of designers across the U.S. and beyond to Get Out the Vote every four years. The campaign is part of Design for Democracy, an AIGA initiative to increase civic participation through design.

In 2020, AIGA will recognize the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote in 1920 with a special edition of AIGA Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women's Vote.

To see work submitted to past campaigns, visit Get Out the Vote 2008, Get Out the Vote 2012, and Get Out the Vote 2016. Also visit Building Community Power 2018.

Visit the League's award-winning election information website,, to find out about upcoming elections in your community.

GOTV identity by studio of Christine Wisnieski

Call for Posters

The submission period for AIGA Get out the Vote 2020 will open to AIGA members in July. There will be two opportunities:

  • AIGA Get Out the Vote 2020
  • AIGA Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women’s Vote

Not a member? Join or renew now.

By submitting a poster, you certify that you created or have ownership of the work—including the right to distribute stock images and fonts used in your design. You retain the copyright and agree to distribute under a Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivs” license. You grant to AIGA the right to use accepted work for reproduction in posters for the Get Out the Vote initiative; in publications; in exhibitions; on its website and partner websites; and for educational and AIGA-related noncommercial promotional purposes.

Ways to Engage

  • Follow AIGA’s Design for Democracy initiative!
    Learn how you can further design’s impact in the democratic process beyond the four-year election cycle through Design for Democracy.

  • Share a poster and help Get Out the Vote in your community!
    AIGA Get out the Vote posters are available for download, printing, and distribution by anyone interested in supporting our mission.
    • Designs are scaled at 11x17 inches to suit personal color printers (as well as commercial printing presses).
    • If sharing on social, use: #AIGAVote and #GetOutTheVote
  • Explore the galleries!

    • View the gallery of submissions: 2020 AIGA Get Out the Vote
    • View the gallery of submissions: AIGA Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women’s Vote

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A respected leader in the voter engagement field for over 95 years, the League of Women Voters is active in all 50 states and nearly 800 communities. League volunteers conduct nonpartisan voter registration, education, and mobilization year-round with the goal of engaging millions of voters in local, state, and federal elections, and ensuring that they have fair and equal access to the vote.